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Dear Frustrated Dieters:

Is your weight destroying your self-confidence and passion for life?

Lose Inches
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Are you tired and fed up with all the over-hyped weight loss products that promise incredible results yet produce little to nothing?

What if you could melt away pound after pound of unwanted fat while...

  • Increasing your energy levels

  • Reducing your cravings for unhealthy food

  • Improving your memory and elevating alertness

  • Increasing your libido

  • Dramatically reducing joint discomfort

  • Enjoying a better night’s sleep

I know what you’re thinking... "Another diet program that promises big results." I’d be skeptical too, but tens of thousands of people can’t be wrong!

This weight loss system continues to receive significant media exposure and the company has received several awards for its innovation and scientific research.

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Cracking The Code: Turn Your Body into a Fatburning Machine

People mistakenly believe that weight gain results solely from the vast amounts of calories we consume, the lack of exercise we get or genetics we are born with. While this all certainly contributes to weight gain and obesity, there is another insidious villian lurking in the shadows....


Good luck trying to avoid them! They’re in your food… your water… the air you breathe… even your shampoo!

We are ALL exposed to toxins everyday. Did you know that a build-up of toxins in your body not only CAUSES weight gain, but toxic build-up also PREVENTS effective weight loss. For more on the link between industrial toxins and weight gain: obesogens.

The problem is that your body was never designed to deal with the MASSIVE amount of environmental toxins we now face on a daily basis.

In fact, did you know that in the last 12 months, you and your family have consumed about 14 POUNDS of chemicals?

Our scientifically advanced weight loss system is based on an unique formula that both cleanses and replenishes the body with vital nutrients. It gently clears out toxins while supplying your body with nourishment at a cellular level that accelerates your metabolism, eliminates cravings and refocuses your energy into healthy life extending habits!

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Did you know that hypnosis is an extremely effective support for weight loss programs? Many of Ruth's clients include hypnosis as part of their weight loss program to overcome what are often deeply ingrained psychological barriers to weight loss.

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Why 99% of All Weight Loss Systems Fail

The truth is the majority of diet pills and diet programs are simply gimmicks!

Most diet programs focus on things like counting calories, assigning points, deprivation, and ingesting diet pills that contain harmful artificial stimulants such as ephedra. The focus of these programs is on what you CAN'T have, as opposed to what you can.

While it might seem like a contradiction, feeding your body with its daily minimum requirement of high quality nutrition will naturally result in weight loss and improved health. But let me emphasize here... I said high quality nutrition. I also said daily minimum requirement. That means you need to get the right amount of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fats, carbohydrates and proteins each day to satisfy your body so that it can function at an optimal level of health.

But don't be fooled into thinking you can easily get the nutrition you need from grocery store food. If you want to learn why read: Is Soil Sabotaging Your Weight Loss Efforts)

An effective weight loss system requires not only dedication and commitment, but must be based on nutritional innovation and proven scientific principles.

The "Magic Bullet" Myth

Millions of dollars are poured into advertising budgets designed to brainwash you into believing their "miracle" product or system will lead to explosive weight loss without any effort on your part.

Even worse, federal regulators have found dozens of products being touted as dietary supplements that actually contain hidden prescription drugs or compounds that have not been adequately studied in humans.

"These products are not legal dietary supplements," says Michael Levy, director of the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA’s) Division of New Drugs and Labeling Compliance. "They are actually very powerful drugs masquerading as ’all-natural’ or ’herbal’ supplements, and they carry significant risks to unsuspecting consumers."

Not only are most weight loss systems NOT based on proven scientific principles, but can even lead to serious health problems such as cancer, heart attack, and strokes.

The Solution....

Isagenix 30 Day Fat Burning System

If you don’t meet your body’s daily nutritional requirements, you will simply crave more food, and more of the wrong foods (i.e. high sugar, high fat, high salt) in order to get the nutrition your body wants and needs.

The Isagenix 30 Day Fat Burning System was formulated to provide the body maximum nutrition with minimum calories. All of our weight loss products are 100% natural, meaning your body will rapidly shed pounds safely and without any nasty side effects.

Isagenix takes the guess work out of eating healthy and losing weight effectively. The science behind Isagenix ensures that you get all of the nutrition your body needs to achieve your optimum weight and health. You can practically feel the pounds and inches just melting away.

When the body gets the nutrition it needs on a daily basis, it begins to shed excess fat and build lean muscle!

Tens of 1000’s of people around the world have lost their excess weight once and for all with Isagenix for one simple reason: their bodies got the nutrition they need.

What can I expect after beginning the Isagenix 30 Day Fat Burning System?

Your body will start responding almost immediately to the high quality nutrition found in the Isagenix products. Most people feel a change within days of starting on an Isagenix program.

What about Support?

One of the best things in choosing Isagenix for your weight loss system is that my coaching support is included (if wanted) with your 30-day system.

To read testimonials of others I’ve helped achieve their weight loss goals Click here. Once you get started, you are supported all the way.

Personalized coaching helps you set realistic goals that fit your lifestyle and schedule. Weekly calls with your coach help you stay on track and adjust the plan, if needed, to better meet your needs. I want you to reach your health goals.

How does the cost of Isagenix compare to other Diet Programs*?

Program Name Cost per Month Weight loss Cost per Pound Lost
Weight Watchers $716 8 lbs/month $89.50
Nutrisystem $529 8 lbs/month $66.12
Jenny Craig $715 8 lbs/month $89.75
Atkins $948 12 lbs/month $79.00
South Beach $818 8 lbs/month $102.25
"Jared" Subway Diet $432 no data available no data available
Isagenix $268 20 lbs/month $13.40
*Source: Jan 8, 2010 CBS "The Early Show"

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